• About us

    visuel a propos

    Since its creation in 1995, the agency has offered a unique model. She creates new, global experiences around desirable stories that integrate entertainment and artists.

    The objective : to give more pleasure to its audience and that of its customers, to generate commitment and power. It becomes the 1st advertainement agency.

    Our vision : entertainment and meaning are inseparable.

    Entertainment and culture are not synonymous with futility: beyond giving us immediate pleasure, it is also the best way to get a message across.

    Entertainment is at the service of meaning to give it more impact and promote its memorization and viralization. And entertaining with meaning is even more fun.

    Our mission : together, to combine meaning and pleasure, pleasure and responsibility.

    Our job : to design entertaining and responsible events that create value for brands and companies.

    We offer positive experiences to create emotion and better change behaviors. Our creativity and our network of artists & influencers allow us to develop desirable, innovative stories that make sense to your audiences and get them talking.

    This is how we offer brands a lasting cultural, relational and business impact. 

  • Philosophy

    Audiences are increasingly in demand. Only unique, playful experiences that make sense and create emotion, bring out the brand image and generate commitment.

    We believe that being in line with the codes of our time is fundamental. For 25 years, we have been deciphering and playing with societal, cultural and technological trends, to imagine innovative operations.

    In order to create desirable and unique content, we believe in the power of entertainment and the right encounter between brands, artists and influencers.

    We are convinced that the quality of concepts, content and devices must serve the message and operational efficiency.

    We believe that content-rich experiences sustain brand platforms over time.

  • Expertise

    • Communication consulting

      conseil en communication

      Communication Strategies
      Brand Creation
      Brand Positioning
      Communication Tools

    • Events


      Public Events
      Evening Events
      Product Launches - Street Marketing
      Press Conferences

    • Digital


      Event Websites
      Digital Campaigns
      Influence Marketing
      Social Media

    • Corporate communication

      communication corporate

      Crisis Communication
      B2B Events
      Internal Events

    • Advertising



    • Media & E-Media relations

      relation media

      On & Off Strategy
      PR Campaigns
      Endorsement & Brand Partnerships

    • Audiovisual


      Immersive & Interactive
      Augmented Reality
      Web Series

    • Business Tours


      Team Building

  • Commitments

    The agency has developed a sponsorship policy and regularly provides financial support to artists and associations. Aware of its role and its duty as a responsible player in the sector, Magic Garden is actively committed to the implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy : 

    • An agency committed to responsible purchasing (inter-company relations charter)
    • An eco-aware, trained and informed team
    • Committed service providers and partners
    • A CSR approach from the design of communication campaigns and events
    • ANAé quality label certified by ECOCERT
    • The beautiful competition : signatory of the charter of calls for tenders
    • Certification ISO 20 121 standard in progress. 


    Magic Garden strengthens its societal project by supporting causes, in particular through sponsorship: Apprentis d’Auteuil, ACF, Salvation Army, Solidarity AIDS… In 2020, Magic Garden created and produced Touquether for Autisme Info Service a new annual solidarity festival in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage and develops the concept WEARTMSF for Médecins Sans Frontières

  • International

    Magic Garden is a co-founding shareholder of 27Names, the 1st independent European event communication agency based in Brussels.

    27Names designs and produces European event communication campaigns for institutions and international brands. 21 countries, more than 600 talents, more than 300 Awards:

    They share trends, insights, strategies, ideas, technologies and local expertise.

    Magic Garden is also strengthening its international presence by setting up in Doha, Qatar in 2020.