Axe9 éditions du Axe Boat

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Axe9 éditions du Axe Boat

Make AXE the preferred deodorant brand of 15-24-year-old men
Develop the brand’s reputation and strengthen the relationship with younger consumers to generate loyalty and recruit new customers

Invite 15-24-year-olds to participate in an exceptional brand experience by organising a jet-setter party on a 30-metre yacht.

Buzz launch: Internet, TV, press – Axe Girls casting, viral movies, weekends on the AXE BOAT to win
PR party on a boat in Paris with VIP guests – Eric & Ramzy, Tony Parker, journalists and bloggers
Roadshow around 10-20 beaches
Recruitment day before main event: street activation with Axe Limousine and commando operations in nightclubs
On the beach: AXE Girls disembark and promote TV commercial
On AXE BOAT: VIP parties filmed

360° communication plan with “cross media” partnership

Success story since 2003
Historic market share, renewed each year in August
Boost reputation and image as a “cool / trendy brand”

Grands Prix Stratégies 2004 – Youth Marketing Trophy
Prize for Event Communication for Non-Media Actions

Top Com Consumer 2004
Bronze Top Com for Public Relations

RewardsTrophée Stratégies du Marketing des Jeunes 2004
1er Prix dans la catégorie "Communication Evénementielle, Actions Hors Media"

Grand Prix du Top Com Consumer 2004
Top Com de Bronze dans la catégorie "Relations publiques"