BARREAU DE PARISBal du Bâtonnier de Paris

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BARREAU DE PARISBal du Bâtonnier de Paris

The evening of the President of the Bar is a major annual event for the Bar and a highlight in the world of French and international justice. Magic Garden was in charge of designing, producing and managing the 2017 edition of the Bâtonnier Party.


Create a prestigious and memorable event showcasing the influence of Paris,
Convey an image that is both innovative and institutional, creative and elegant, high-end without being ostentatious.


Invite guests to take a night trip through a mythical and eternal Paris that is elegant and magical, illustrated by the great artistic trends (music, fashion, cinema, music hall) and iconic places that make Paris the City of Light. The scenography designed by Fanny Moreau played with nostalgic yet futuristic codes, immersing the guests in a timeless Parisian setting and punctuating the evening with skits and sketches.


Actors welcomed guests, playing the roles of elegant Parisians
Five artistic creations combining musical compositions, choreographies and tulle projections in collaboration with the Orchestre et la chorale du Palais
More than 2,400 guests


Paris, Provincial and Foreign Bars
Distinguished international figures from large companies, institutions, politics, the economy and civil society