BurnMarketing Community Plan

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BurnMarketing Community Plan


• Help Burn reposition its brand
• Design and implement a filtration strategy based on the main leisure activities of 15-25-year olds e.g. electronic music, skateboarding and snowboarding


Position the brand in terms of creative audacity: Burn is the creative energy that allows you to express your creativity in style, working collaboratively, creating original content and leaving your own trace.


• Train teams of riders in skate and snowboard
• Set up a music partnership with a famous venue and two labels
• Partnerships with specialist media and referrals for each community
• Create a crew of videographers and referent photographers in each universe
• Partnerships with festivals, shops, parties, bars and clubs
• Create a visibility kit adapted to each universe
• Organise two tours: Burn Sessions and Burn studio on tour


• Activations that have become case studies in Europe
• All partner wished to renew collaboration
• 74,000 people reached from January to September 2011
• Broadcast 50,640 Burn cans