MINISTÈRE DE LA DÉFENSE70th anniversary of D-Day

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MINISTÈRE DE LA DÉFENSE70th anniversary of D-Day

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Commemorate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings in the presence of French and foreign veterans:

  • A solemn tribute to the millions of soldiers, civilians and resistance fighters who gave their lives for peace.
  • A strong message to young people to ensure that the memory endures, and the meaning and values of these historic events are transmitted.


Organise and stage the international ceremony for the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Landings:

  • 45-minute ceremony retracing the key historical events of World War II
  • An immense tribute to the millions who made the ultimate sacrifice for peace
  • Set up occupying 115,000 m2 on the beach including a 12,000 m2 stage


Following a 6-month tendering process involving 4 months of production:

  • 8,000 spectators
  • Presence of 21 Heads of State including Queen Elizabeth II and Barack Obama
  • Live broadcast on national and international channels
  • Nearly a billion views worldwide

RewardsEvent Awards 2016
1st prize for Event of the Decade

Grand Prix Communication Strategies 2015
The Grand Prix Event Communication Strategies
Joint 1st prize for Ceremonies, Major French and International Events

Grand Prix Kréa 2015
1st prize for Institutional Events

Event Awards 2015
Béatrix Mourer and Yvan Hinnemann elected personalities of the year for Design, Creation and Scenography

2014 DA Club
1st prize for Events

Eubea - BEST EVENT Awards 2014
1. European Best Event Award (1st Prize of the Eubea)
2. Best Creativity (Technical Excellence)
3. Best Execution (Technical Excellence)
4. Best Effectiveness (Technical Excellence)
5. Best Celebration (Category)
6. Best use of space/environment / setting (Special Award)
7. Best Creative Director (Special Award)
8. Best Event Agency with 27Names (Special Award), for the most awarded agency