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Danone Eaux FranceTournée HydraStation


Humanise the HydraStation and highlight the importance of hydration
Help consumers adopt the right reflexes through an accessible family device
Reach a wider audience across the entire country
Create interactivity with consumers to reinforce the message


In 2013, Danone Eaux France wanted to maximise the impact of the HydraStation and its key messages about hydration. To do this, Magic Garden reworked the concept of the HydraStation to make it more interactive, fun and impactful for as many consumers as possible.


HydraStation 2013, a 20-date summer tour with a truck transformed into a 90 m² mobile apartment composed of 5 spaces dedicated to understanding good hydration:

• Bathroom to calculate your level of hydration

• Discover the journey of natural mineral water

• Cooking to explore the taste of different Danone waters

• Raise awareness about recycling and sorting

• Goodies and spaces for photo opportunities

20 French town and cities
More than 15,000 visitors
42% of visitors preferred the model explaining the journey of water
98% of visitors said it was informative and 99% that the message was compelling
7 out of 10 participants put the advice into practice

Satisfaction rating from Occurrence study: 8.6/10