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Since 2011, Magic Garden has been helping Google reaching out to French people, businesses and institutions through the opening of physical spaces dedicated to discovering digital technology for all. 

In 2017, Google, accompanied by Magic Garden, opened its first Digital Workshop in Rennes, a world premiere based on collaborations with local partners. It is free and open to all throughout the year 6 days a week. Building on this success and enthusiasm, three new Google Ateliers Numériques have been opened in the French cities of Montpellier, Nancy and Saint Etienne.


  • Engage with local partners and highlight Google’s contribution to the local ecosystem,
  • Offer training to an increasingly diverse audience, from seniors to students,
  • Offer professionals and job seekers the chance to discover digital opportunities,
  • Enable local start-ups to showcase their innovations.


Magic Garden designed different facilities in the 4 venues in France based on the following criteria: 

  • Spaces from 200m² to 600 m² designed and adapted to the local ecosystem
  • Highlight the latest Google innovations with modular and functional furniture
  • Contribute to create a living, welcoming place for all audiences