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SAMSUNGSamsung Life Changer Park


Promote the new Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone and its ecosystem with a focus on VR gear (Samsung virtual reality headset) among millennials.


Together with Cheil France, Magic Garden suggested moving from a product promotion campaign to an experiential campaign around the “passion points” of the target audience. The global concept “Samsung Life Change, What if you could live everything differently?” expressed itself through 3 experiential dimensions:

Launch event in June: the SAMSUNG LIFE CHANGER PARK, the first virtual reality amusement park at the BNF (French National Library), Paris, and repeated for 20 days at the Grand Palais in December.

From June to December, programme of 8 original experiments articulated around the passion points of millennials, led by 6 well-known personalities.

All the content produced during the programme can be found in a new 360° UX format at

Event activations for different target audiences: media, PR, influencers.


• A world where everything becomes possible: the world’s first amusement park that mixes virtual content with totally immersive scenography for real sensations

• An unprecedented, fun and technologically innovative experience that engages all audiences: media, bloggers, partners/ distributors and general public

• The world’s first and largest virtual reality amusement parks (8,000 and 5,000 m2) each hosted 9 unique attractions (renewed for the 2nd Park) based on varied experiential content e.g. sport, entertainment, cinema and travel

• Tailor-made, immersive set design – dynamic attractions in perfect sync with films, sound design, odorama, special effects

• The Samsung Experience Store, designed as a mini attraction, encouraged consumers to discover and buy the products

• A light show and 170m² video projection on the architecture of the Grand Palais


Social media campaign: native advertising, produce media content

• Facebook Live & Melty content (937,000 views) and Minute Buzz (246,000 views) by influencers and bloggers

• Social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, G+): video teasing & posts, reveal, blogger and influencer event, reports

• Targeted media partnerships: lifestyle radio (nova) and Park live TV broadcast

• Guerrilla marketing (clean tags)

• Influence: 77 articles, 4.6M reach, 7.2M VU/month


For the 2 editions of the Samsung Life Changer Park:

• 251,000 visitors (42,000 over 3 days at the BNF, 209,000 visitors over 20 days at the Grand Palais)

3.1 experiences/visitor on average = 778,100 experiences

• 46 Mio contacts on social networks & 1M digital interactions

• N°1 organic trending topic on June 16 and December 15

• 64% of visitors intend to buy a Samsung product

• 81% have a better image of Samsung

• 95% say they have a positive or very positive image of virtual reality

RewardsBrand Content Awards 2017 for Computer, Telephony, Electronic Equipment
Bronze Award of the Marketing Trophies
2017 Heavent Awards Gold Award for General Public Events
Grand Prix Stratégie for Brand Experience
Gold Prize of the Top/Com Grands Prix Consumer for Public Relations

EUBEA 2016
Best European Event of the Year / Grand Prix
Best Event Agency / 2nd Prize
Best Product / Service Launch Event / 1st Prize
Best Live & Entertainment Event / 2nd Prize
Best Corporate Client / 1st Prize