SNCFInauguration of the Paris Saint-Lazare station

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SNCFInauguration of the Paris Saint-Lazare station


Create an event to mark the end of the 10-year renovation of the Paris Saint-Lazare station and redesign of the 2 forecourts.


A festive and inclusive day on the 2 station forecourts based on the theme of renewal and spring renaissance punctuated with simple, impactful and playful highlights including:

• Inaugural act in the presence of elected officials

• Mid-day friendly gathering

• Open stage throughout the day with artistic interventions and shows


• Guided tour of the forecourts

• Inaugural speech by Mélanie Gambier + inaugural “bubble” gesture

• Unveil renovated Arman Statues

• 14 flowering bins spread over the two courtyards and connecting street

• Performances from bubble dancer, juggler, unicycle and close-up magician

• Spring table design with picnic spaces

• Musical performance from a marching band throughout the day

• Children’s soap bubbles activity

• Open Stage Showcasing Local Talent

• Aerotudio photo shoots

• Distribute and collect 15,000 flowers postcards

• 6 talent groups performed throughout the day