SNCF – TGV ESTLaunch of L’Européenne

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SNCF – TGV ESTLaunch of L’Européenne


• Design and orchestrate the commissioning of the new ultra-fast train line between Paris, the east of France and Europe: L’Européenne.

• Create a convivial one-day launch event attended by TGV clients, elected representatives, press, financiers and the general public.

• Set up commercial activations as well as touristic and artistic ones based on the cities served by the new line.

• Show that SNCF is close to customers, caring, attentive, innovative, and federating.

• Value and thank the internal team.

• Promote public knowledge about the TGV and its social and economic evolution.

• Highlight and value the destinations and regions covered by the line.

• Embody SNCF’s values of conviviality and positive energy.

• Generate pride and enthusiasm for the launch among all target audiences.

• Create links and emotion.


• Create the L’Européenne Village in Strasbourg to highlight the “TGV EST vous rapproche de l’Europe” (TGV EST brings you closer to Europe) campaign.

• Implement this concept with a theme inspired by the idea of the village as a gathering place for sharing know-how and reconciliation.


• Events in stations, on trains and in front of Strasbourg station.

• Emblematic directional totem embodying reconciliation and indicating all the destinations catered for by TGV EST.

• Open stage for local talents.

• 9 spaces representing the regions covered by the new line: culinary, cultural, touristic and artistic events relating to these regions.


4,300 participants during the day