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Define a global campaign to promote the Baccalaureate So Music’s offer in partnership with Universal Music among 15-20 years old and generate brand preference.


Bac dans les Bacs, the first blind test enabling you to revise for the Baccalaureate exam while listening to music.

• Phase 1: Baccalaureate questions and musical questions (6th June-5th July)

• Phase 2: musical questions (6th-15th July)


A digital platform embodied by the campaign ambassador, Panayotis. During the game, Panyotis interacts with gamers through videos. If the gamers answer the question correctly, Panyotis commends them. If the gamers answer incorrectly, Panayotis pokes fun at them.


2 days of filming in collaboration with the artistic audiovisual agency Unfamous:

• Authors: Jean-Baptiste Alié & Thibault Segouin

• Producer: Julien Paolini

• Photographer: Vincent Dessailly

• 61 videos produced

Game goal

• Identify a piece of music or an artist and respond simultaneously to a practise question for the 2016 Baccalaureate exam

• Each correct answer scores points

• If you answer the music question correctly as well, you double your points

• The more points earned, the better the gifts

To win: exclusive gifts relating to music and leisure activities e.g. concert tickets, festival package, audio headset and audio speakers.

In parallel to normal gaming sessions, there were also instant wins and daily challenges to encourage infrequent players.


• 2 instant wins per day across the entire gaming period

• 1 instant win = 1 Baccalaureate question + 1 music question during phase 1

• 1 instant win = 1 music question during phase 2


• 1 daily challenge across the entire gaming period

• 1 daily challenge = 1 session of 12 Baccalaureate questions + 12 music questions during phase 1

• 1 daily challenge = 1 session of 12 music questions during phase 2


At the end of each gaming phase, there was also random draw:

• 1 random draw with the top 800 users (6th -22nd June)

• 1 random draw with top 800 users (23rd June – 15th July)

Any user could win up to 3 times during the entire gaming period: 1 instant win, 1 daily challenge and 1 random draw.


In parallel, a Shazam campaign to enrich the gaming experience for difficult Baccalaureate questions. When the player “shazames” the music, the application gave a clue to answer the question.



3 press releases:

• One agency press release

• One general public press release

• One marketing press

Sent to 337 media sources:

• 261 generalist medias

• 76 marketing medias

• 1 sponsored Topito article


A social media strategy deployed on So Music and Société Générale & Vous and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat:

• In total, 46 publications on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

• 14 publications on Panayotis’ social networks: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et Vine


Statistics for the entire gaming period

• 119,586 users, identified & non

• 05 min average session

• 46,230 pre-registered users

• 14,317 confirmed users

• 6,469 confirmed Baccalaureate users 

• 97.418% of confirmed users completed Baccalaureate and 15-24 years old (6,302)


•  71 instant wins

•  26 daily challenges

•  30 winners from random draw

 RP & e-RP

16 press reviews (Melty, Studyrama, Journal du buzz, L’ADN, MCE TV, Digischool, Marketing utile, Brand & Celebrities, Billet de banque)