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Taxis G7NightCab

Imagine and produce a street operation around the NightCab service available from September to December 2015 for under 26 year olds.

NightCab = 20% off taxi fares for under 26 years olds on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 10pm to 5am.


“Make the night the best moment of your day!”

NightCab offers guests privileged access to the best Parisian parties: queue-jump passes and free tickets to win from a selection of partner clubs.


  • Partnership with 5 Parisian clubs: Concrète, Rex Club, Social Club, Showcase & Zig Zag
  •  Website with contests to win free tickets from partners
  •  Poster campaign in neighbourhoods frequented by target audience to promote offer
  •  Brand visibility in clubs with posters, flyers and goodies


  • 3 months of activations
  • 52 nights organised by partners
  • 130,000 flyers distributed