GOOGLEA tour of French cities in van

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GOOGLEA tour of French cities in van

The background

For the past 6 years, Google has been helping the French people gain maximum benefit from the Web by addressing SMEs, students or job seekers.
Google is committed to helping all French citizens become agents of change in the digital age.

Extending from the Google Digital Workshops programme, the plan evolved, intensifying its actions across France: Google deployed 4 mini-vans throughout France; a roving training programme, enabling even more companies and individuals to be enjoy support as they learn to master digital tools, with up to one thematic day per month held in partner cities.

The objectives

To strengthen Google’s commitment to local partners and develop access to training for as many people as possible
● To increase the awareness of Digital Workshops in the regions by being a real tool for visibility and communication around the programme
● To return regularly to the same cities and thus build continuity with the public
● To play the part of event mechanism to raise public awareness of issues related to online security

The concept

For this occasion, Magic Garden designed, staged and coordinated the production and layout of each of the Minivans using the iconic design of the Citroën Type H.

Following the opening of four physical venues, the agency decided to take the Google Digital Workshops codes and rework them into a roving model: inviting spaces to enjoy the time and fun events, Magic Garden devised a hybrid, original and fully modular layout to adapt to training in partner cities:

● An outdoor training space with the creation of a Google Digital Workshops kit that is mobile and easily deployable
● A coffee area fostering interaction between learners and building a team spirit between them in a relaxed time-out
● A playful and instagrammable inner design concept
● Exterior covering that includes colour codes of Google Digital Workshops

Magic Garden has also taken into account the current health context by devising solutions that enable it to continue delivering training throughout France.