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RenaultCapture The Night


For the Captur The Night global campaign launch, Renault called on Magic Garden to help expand and adapt the “Jusqu’où irez-vous?” concept into a brand experience for urban 30-45 years-olds.


  • Roadshows: roadshows giving the target audience a flavour of the Captur The Night party with surprising interactive performances generating OTS (Opportunity To See)
  • Parties: exclusive parties in 3 French cities with entertaining, interactive experiments evolving under the social impulse of participants



Before each party, a set of Captur vehicles were taken to the city to meet target consumers in the places they live. At each stop, a performance in connection with Renault’s positioning (e.g. cinema and rugby) was activated.


Events punctuated by unusual experiences from 7.30pm to 4.30am hosted by humourist Verino.

  • Sensory, experiential tunnel on arrival.
  • Live culinary experience with a starred chef.

Lille: Florent Ladeyn, Lyon: Christian Têtedoie, Toulouse: Yannick Delpech

  • Cinémix experience: visual, audio and immersive performance.
  • Giant participatory Haka with an international player from French Rugby team.
  • Live concert/set with internationally renowned artists.

Lille: AaRON, Lyon: Etienne de Crécy, Toulouse: Cats on Trees

  • Choreographed, participatory and shifted show with the unbelievable Michel Vedette.
  • Participatory show with illuminated balloons.
  • Prizes for the last-standing participants who rocked the party all night long: lunch for 2 in the starred chef’s restaurant and full weekend in Renault Captur car.
  • Light painting photo shoot.


  • More than 900 participants
  • 148 winners on roadshows
  • More than 8 hours of new experiences at each party
  • More than 1,500 content shares during the 3 parties