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Develop an innovative operation to encourage 25-35-year olds to eat and cook meat.


Meat is a lifestyle and cooking is trendy! Whatever your style, mood, budget or the occasion, there is a recipe for you.

Provide simple, creative recipes featuring meat, developed as podcasts in real time, downloadable on your phone and accompanied by playlists.


• com website with hundreds of recipe podcasts created by Abdel Alaoui (The Chef of Canal +)

• Official launch at a press conference with several influential lifestyle bloggers

• Evening events: recipes prepared by Abdel Alaoui and put to music by Mouloud of Canal + (famous French TV)

• IPhone application and Facebook page

• Partner with trendy parties and create Kitchenmusic corners (culinary activities accompanied by music and DJ)


• 9 parties in partnership with venues (5 in Paris, 1 in Lyon, 1 in Lille, 1 in Bordeaux, 1 in Marseille)

• 7,550 guests at parties

• 60 blogger articles and numerous social media posts

• 648,850 website visits since launch

• 297,191 website visits in 2011

• 17,998 application downloads