Ministère de la Culture et de la CommunicationRue au Grand Palais

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Ministère de la Culture et de la CommunicationRue au Grand Palais


Recognise, welcome and present urban cultures in all their diversity, demonstrating that the Ministry of Culture and Communication respects their artistic value.


  • Reinvent an emblematic venue in the heart of Paris: Le Grand Palais
  • Invite visitors to share in the experience both as a spectator and actor


For 3 days, the 12,500 m2 nave of the Grand Palais was converted into an interactive space for expressing urban culture:

  • 2 concert nights, 20 hip hop and world music artists with Radio Nova and Generations: Diam’s, 113, Oxmo Puccino, Le Remède, Hocus Pocus, Krys, Ayo, Bumcello, Amadou and Mariam, Zong, Saian Supa Crew, Dee Nasty, DJ Mehdi and Rachid Taha
  • Arena dedicated to dance classes, performances and battles
  • Ramps and arena for skateboarding, roller skating, BMX, street soccer, street basketball, Double Dutch, capoeira and martial arts
  • Stage for music, slam and comedy performances
  • 6 monumental canvases and nearly 500m2 of canvases painted live by the best French graffiti artists


A huge success attracting 54,000 socially, ethically and geographically diverse visitors and with massive media impact:

  • 28 news stories and 46 TV alerts
  • 15 radio reports and 35 radio alerts
  • 28 press articles
  • 7 articles in periodical press

The success of this operation resulted in a series of political decisions in favour of this cultural movement.

RewardsGrand Prix Event Communication Strategy 2007
Mention for General Public, Cultural, Street and Sports Event